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Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services

For most people, cleaning rugs and carpet has got to be the most dreadful chore out of all the cleaning chores in a home or office. Not only is cleaning carpet an arduous and physically exhausting task, there is just no way an untrained person can restore a carpet or a rug back to their original condition. Professionals like Carpet Cleaning West Covina live and breathe home and office cleaning services and do not leave until the job is done to your absolute satisfaction.


Carpet Cleaning West Covina has the kinds of tools and professional equipment designed to clean residential and commercial carpets that far surpass any dinky vacuum cleaner. In fact, even though our cleaning technicians certainly make it look easy, various certificates and licenses are required to operate them. Our equipment is also designed with the many kinds of carpet, rug, and upholstery fibers in mind. Certain upholstery and carpets will respond well to standard cleaning solutions and machinery. Others will not be able to withstand the same routine. It's our job to be able to identify the perfect cleaning touch and your job to enjoy the long lasting benefits.

Saving Energy and Time

Even though we can clean an entire home faster than you can say 'wow, I should have called Carpet Cleaning West Covina a long time ago', we realize that for the average person, home cleaning is a weekend chore. That is why we also offer many other time consuming services, like tile and grout cleaning and mattress cleaning. We also know that the average home owner might not even consider cleaning the nooks and crannies, that is why our hardwood cleaning and buffing and our air duct inspection and cleaning are ideal for any home or office owner.

Whenever we start a cleaning project, our first goal is always the removal of harmful bacteria and allergens naturally located throughout any space as anything less is not worth your money. We hold customer service excellence on par with bacterial removal for the same exact reason.

For more information on any of our cleaning services or various cleaning specials throughout the year, please contact our customer service representatives today. Don't forget to ask about your free price estimate!

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